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Be part of the world’s most inclusive and accessible 24-hour global relay!

In 2020, tens of thousands of participants from sixty-five countries joined the relaunch of TAFISA’s World Walking Day and passed the baton for a cause close to their heart. But this year, we want to reach even more! 


World Walking Day connects and unites all people from all countries and all corners of the globe. Through a 24-hour global relay, we reconnect the world and remind citizens, communities and countries of what commonalities we share with our friends, family, neighbours, colleagues and classmates. The world is suffering, and we want to position Sport for All and physical activity as an accessible and inclusive solution for everyone. Sport for All speaks to us in a common language and its impact on our physical and mental health and well-being should not be underestimated. 


We want to grow World Walking Day bigger and stronger. We can’t do this alone; we need your help. 


We invite the private sector, public sector and civil society to get on board, get behind World Walking Day and support the development of Sport for All and physical activity in communities all around the world. 


Raise awareness of something special to your establishment

by passing your own baton on a global platform.

Share Your


Maximise your visibility in 65+ countries

in all continents

and enhance

your image through global exposure.

Maximise Your Visibility

Connect With Change-Makers


Connect with tens of thousands of participants and 

gain unique access to global leaders and change-makers in the world of sport!


Promote yourself as

an establishment that cares about the

health and well-being

of people.

Support the Health of Global  Citizens

If you are interested in joining forces and becoming an official partner of the TAFISA World Walking Day – 24 Hours Around the Globe, please get in touch with our team at or simply submit the below form! 

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