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Join the TAFISA World Walking Day 2021

Registration is Now Open!

Since 1991, millions of participants have taken to the streets to share in TAFISA World Walking Day and to be active. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to encourage your cities, communities and citizens to be active, integrate physical activity into the everyday lives, and enjoy the benefits that Sport for All and physical activity can bring!

Following the success of last year's World Walking Day - 24 Hours Around the Globe, and with rampant uncertainties posed by COVID-19 threating the global health, TAFISA will keep the format of the event as 2020, passing the baton across all time-zones from east to west in a planet-wide relay to show the transnational solidarity. The main objective remains the same: to stand together and stay connected as a united front, proving the power of sport and physical activity to unify the world.

WWD is open to citizens of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and genders, and it is open to every TAFISA member organisation and any interested municipality. Organisers are welcome to host more than one event, and events of different types and scales.

Registrations for the TAFISA World Walking Day 2021 are open! Register Now!

TAFISA wishes all organisers success with their events and all participants fun with being active!



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